How travel Blogger can travel free anywhere in the world

by Admin, Visa Board  

How  travel Blogger can travel free anywhere in the world

To all travel bloggers, you must know traveling is a complete package – it helps you grow, it is enjoyable and refreshing, it is thrilling, it always has something new to offer and it makes the best of your memories. Now what can make it even better – the answer is free to travel! Yes, there are companies, organizations or individuals willing to pay for your travel!

However, it can’t happen overnight. You just can’t create a platform work for a few days and bam! You are enjoying free tours around the world. It will take time and efforts. Just stay motivated towards it and the right offer will be there for you.

The travel bloggers are a great influencer, especially with a good social media platform complimenting their work, and it is something which some brands love. So, what can be done is an exchange of services with them.

Here are some tips which will help you:

  1. Prove you are great

A company appreciates that you are a positive influencer but They might not ask you this personally because you do not contact them through a formal interview. So, what normally happens is that someone from the company goes through your platform. This is your chance – have a great blog, add a lot of good pictures, embrace the culture you visited, tell all the stories and write perfectly. Your website should be user-friendly, it shouldn’t have a lot of pop-ups or shouldn’t be too distracting. In simplest words, show that you are a man of quality.

  1. Create a splendid media kit

A media kit is your representation of how many people you reach through your platforms. In it you are quoting stats and important information about your platforms.

Generally, it includes:

  • A short introduction about you or your blog and a profile photo for identification.
  • Your audience demographics including but not limited to location and age group.
  • Important blog stats such as weekly and monthly pageviews and unique visitors.
  • Social media stats, which should include your number of combined followers and which platform is your strongest.
  • Your previous work with other brands and their positive remarks for you.
  • Your web address, your contact details, and other important details.
  1. Don’t be afraid to approach the brands

You are a great influencer. Now tell this a company which might use it. After creating your quality work, you can approach a company and them for the exchange of services for mutual growth. Remember to be ready for rejections, it is a part of the road.

  1. Widen your perspective

As established in the previous point, sometimes you have to go and knock on the door of opportunity. Now increase your number of doors to increase your chances of availing the opportunities. Aim for brands but you can also aim for hotels, travel promotion sectors, travel companies or anyone whom you can make feel comfortable to use your services for mutual growth.

  1. Use social media groups

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and countless other social media platforms are a great place to meet new people. They also help you meet people searching for travel bloggers to cover their event or services. Facebook groups, in particular, can be very useful for this, if you find a good one.

  1. Tourism board websites

With the benefits tourism has to offer to a country, almost every country around the globe is willing to promote tourism. So, these tourism boards of their countries can sometimes offer free important stuff for travel bloggers. Just look for “media” or “press” in these websites, they are always helpful to travel bloggers.

  1. Go to networking events

Going to a networking event and meeting people who need assistance directly can be the best way of getting an employer for your services. Finding appropriate networking events isn’t hard, just Google them.

Note: You don’t want to look desperate for free travel. That will have a very negative impact on your blogging career. You just have to be professional and friendly.

These are some important tips that will help you go around the world for free. Just build up your content and create quality work. Look for opportunities, approach to them and hopefully go around the world for free. And don’t worry if you have some rejections on this path, because what is a success story without a few failures in them.

Good luck.