Top 5 free activities to do in Dublin, Ireland

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Top 5 free activities to do in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is Known for the expensive city to visit. In 2019, it's ranked 72 on the ECA international list overtaking Silicon Valley and Abu Dhabi. That doesn’t mean you should never visit this city. There are plenty of really cool things in Dublin that are completely free.


In a few years’ centers of the Dublin city has been converted to charming street art scenes. A time ago Dublin streets were covered with concrete walls and alleys with paint writing and promotional posters. Now Street art has taken its place, the street is painted with beautiful street portraits. portraits are used to convey Political Messages and highlight an important message to peoples. Ireland had major dramatically in culture, People use street art to express their feelings, emotions and important to others.

LIVE Music Bars

Many People come to Dublin and visit the temple bar to enjoy Irish music. Temple bar is mostly visited by tourist they usually trap and it's more expensive than other parts of the city. It’s a very nice experience to walk at the cobbled street and listen to free Irish music. There is serval Live music Places on Camden St different bands plays every night. A lot of famous Irish musicians can be found in bars performing live. Like Ed Sheeran and Hozier


The current President of Ireland is Micheal D. Higgins, He is such a great personality and treasure of Ireland. He’s a great politician but he’s also a poet, a sociologist and a human rights activist. Ireland President doesn’t have presidential responsibilities like presidents in America and other well-known counties. The president of Ireland is representative of his country people in an outboard. The President of Ireland lives in a beautiful white house; it has the largest green park in the country. It’s worth visiting for tourist. You can have a free trip to the park on selected dates. You can easily spend the whole day walking in the park, visit the zoo and have a picnic with the family.

Hiking at HOWTH HEAD

Howth is few miles outside at the east coast of the city, you can easily reach there through the train. This place is mostly ignored by people of Ireland, but trust me it's worth visiting. People of Ireland visit the west side of the country but howth has its own value. A most popular activity in Howth is to hike the cliff head. It's not hard to hike howth path is in the loop but it's well maintained. You don’t have to the athlete to hike, its super easy track. It takes just 2 hours to hike at peak and you will find many picturesque views of Dublin Bay, Lambay Island, the Bailey lighthouse, seabirds and you may see seals. Of course the feel of fresh Irish sea air. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes serving fresh seafood at howth. You can’t beat the mouth-watering fish and chips. You can also find many fishmongers. Buy Fish if you can cook by yourself.


There are many museums and gallery’s in Dublin, you can visit as many museums and gallery’s as you want. One of the most interesting of them all is the Science gallery. Trinity College is a flourishing place where both science and art collided. You can find students doing cool things there. Recent exhibitions have explored so many wide and varied topics. Like Serving in space, Serving during active volcanoes.