Easiest Countries for Securing EU Residency

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Easiest Countries for Securing EU Residency

Hey there reader! If you love the peace and beauty of the European Union countries or want to shift there due to business purposes, we are here to help you. Be advised that every year the policies for the citizenship or residency of a country changes due to geopolitical reasons. So, do contact the experts of the Visa Boards if you feel you need further help.

Here is a list of top 11 European Union (EU) countries with the easiest, friendliest and least complicated requirements for the citizenship or residency of these countries.

1. Austria

This German-speaking beautiful country tops over the list, due to its wide number of residency permits, no requirement of investment and a bonus of great economy. What else could one ask for?

Austria offers ten different types of residency permits, and none of these require any investment! Moreover, all of these allow visa-free travel across the Schengen area to its holder.

2. Belgium

This Dutch speaking Western Europe country comes second on the list due to its job requirements. Apart from that, this country is offering a great environment, economy, and community. To acquire a residency, permit in Belgium; one must be a job holder in Belgium. Investment of any kind is not needed for job holders. The process may take up to two months. Worth the wait.

3. Portugal

The neighbor of Spain has won the third position on the list.  To receive residency in Portugal one must have to invest. One can start a business which creates at least ten jobs or has 1 million euro in Portuguese bank or has a house of at least 500,000 euro in Portugal. So, for the business starters, it is a bonus.

4. Malta

This beautiful country has got the fourth position in the list due to its favorable tax rates. Malta provides residency for purchase of 275,000-euro property. Permanent residents have only 15% tax rate, making it a popular choice.

5. Spain

Spain comes on a lower position than Portugal due to higher investment requirements. Apart from that, it is again a great option. The residency program of Spain is similar to of Portugal’s. The residency permit can be acquired by purchase of 500,000-euro house or by investing 2 million euro in Spanish government debt.

6. Latvia

 Latvia government provides a temporary resident permit to one who invests 250,000-euro in real estate and pays a 5% government fee.

7. United Kingdom

UK’s residency program normally attracts rich families for private schooling. It needs an investment of 2 million-euro, 5 million-euro, and 10 million-euro.

8.  Jersey

Jersey offers a low tax rate and mild climate to its residents. Its government requires a minimum of 125,000 million-euro a year and the applicant must be earning more than 625,000 million euro.

9. Cyprus

Its residents have a low corporation tax i.e. 12.5% on their businesses. To apply for its residency a property worth of 300,000 million-euro or more is needed.

10. Greece

“D” visa holders can easily get the residency on the purchase of property of properties with a total value of 250,000 million euro.

11. Bulgaria

To acquire Bulgaria’s residency, the applicant must deposit at least 500,000 million-euro for five years in Bulgarian government bond portfolio.
Easiest Countries for Securing EU Residency